Experienced Web users less likely to surf the Web aimlessly, new Microsoft study finds

Reuters reports:

Spontaneous activity on the Internet is on the wane among experienced users as they shun aimless surfing and plan their online sessions more, according to a study published by Microsoft and two agencies.

The survey found that spontaneous use of the Internet fell to 21 percent in 2009/10 according to diaries kept by users in Brazil, Britain, France and Canada from 39 percent in 2007, when a similar survey was conducted in those countries.

Microsoft and its survey partners, mec and Mindshare, attributed the change in usage patterns to a growing resistance among seasoned Internet users to becoming too dependent on the Web, as well as to greater efficiency.

“I’ve stopped bringing my laptop into the bedroom at night, as I would just sit there for hours surfing aimlessly,” said one French user. Another said: “I spend less time on the Internet but I manage to do much more than before.”

The report is available from Microsoft here (PDF).


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