Women more likely than men to feel they have done wrong, study finds

USA Today reports:

New research on apologies from Canadian psychologists finds that men have a “higher threshold” for bad behavior, meaning they just don’t see “wrong” the same way women do, according to a study online in the journal Psychological Science.

Psychologists at the University of Waterloo in Ontario conducted two studies of 186 people, divided by gender. They found that men were less likely to be offended than women and were less likely to think they committed wrongdoing…

“Part of the reason women apologize more is they have a lower threshold for what is offensive behavior,” says Karina Schumann, lead author of the study to appear in print in November…

Schumann adds, “It’s a different standard between men and women on how offensive behavior is, and sometimes results in men not apologizing for something that the female thinks they should.”


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